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Bengaluru Pet Show back as a 2-day affair

Pet Show-webPet Santhe is on January 3 & 4, 2015 at Jayamahal Palace Hotel premises

After the tremendous success of a unique Bengaluru Pet Show in 2014 which brought an exotic array of birds, dogs, cats and fishes on one platform, the all-comprehensive ‘Pet Santhe’ is back as a two-day affair on Saturday & Sunday, January 3 & 4, 2015.
Satya Narayan, the Event Director of ‘Bangalore Pet Show – 2015’ states  “Pet lovers of Bangalore enjoyed our debut show and long after the one-day event we received a lot of enquiries of when we would stage another such show. We have decided to make this an annual fixture of Bengaluru’s calendar and this year we have themed the show to support the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.
“Titled ‘Scoop your pet’s poop’, we would like the owners of big pets whop take them for walks in public parks and places to carry with them the Poop Scooper. In just two simple actions they can clear the walking paths and areas used by humans, an action which we hope will soon become synonymous with all pet lovers in keeping our garden city clean,” he said.
“We would once like to highlight that the Bengaluru Pet Show is not a competitive event but a show that allows any one, an amateur to a professional, to bring to the show any pet they may possess, and share and exchange their experiences with others. Last year visitors to the show were thrilled and we hope this year will be bigger and better,” Satya Narayan stated.
The event once again aims to be an all-comprehensive platform for pets, one that brings together professional as well as amateur pet lovers, breeders, pet industry players, pet experts and the general public.
“Apart from getting to see the exotic birds, dogs and cats the show would also serve to play an educative role with pet experts and vets giving advice. We will be supporting the Tiger Protection Society by supplying them with first aid and other necessary items for the Anti-poaching Staff who weather difficult and challenging conditions deep in the forests,” said Event Consultant Ikram Khan.
“On the sidelines we will have some fun and games for children, food outlets while on each day there will be five draws through free raffles with holiday packages on offer,” he added.
Abdul Wahab (Gulab) of Wet Pets said, “We will be displaying around 50 varieties of birds, many rarely seen even in zoos in this part of India. “All these birds are species that are not found in India and in any case according to Indian rules we cannot display indigenous birds. The public, especially the youngsters will gain a lot of knowledge at Bangalore Pet Show.”

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