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Letter to Editor

All of us are aware about the status of demolitions undertaken by the BMTF on the basis of Hon’ble High Court Orders in unauthorized layouts formed in Bengaluru.
The BDA allotted sites to us legally in the government approved layout and it is the duty of Government to safeguard the interest of the residents of HSR Layout which is the authorized and approved BDA layout. During the present turmoil of demolitions, even the residents of such layouts  are shaken. This is the blunder committed by the BDA and the Government for having issued notifications & de-notifications violating the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India not to encroach the tank beds and lakes etc. and thus, allotting such sites to public and to leave the allottees in the middle of the sea later-on ,when BDA is caught red handed even after the Court rulings in such cases for the lapses of their own and thus victimizing the innocent residents like us.
The tank beds which were in existence in Sector-3, are said to be private  ones  and are followed by the series of litigations. The Government has to pay 100% attention to the rejuvenation of lakes in Bengaluru coming under the control of Lake Development Authority constituted by the Government. Eg- Foaming of Varthur Lake & the lakes wedded with dangerous & poisonous weeds which the Government must look into as effective solution on top priority for our survival.
The tank beds existed right from 1930 went away with Britishers and are almost dead  and the question of rejuvenating these type of private water ponds, tank beds and lakes does not arise now through demolitions.We should re-count what has been done by the authorities for maintaining the drainage system, de-silting raj kaluves, storm water drains and asphalting  of roads regularly with minimum possible civic amenities for the last one decade. We never aspired for Taj Mahal or Charminar in HSR Layout and as residents, we mainly expected the utmost maintenance of drains, roads with proper civic amenities so as to live peacefully. The political stalwarts had promised that they would make this layout as a model layout and alas! It remained as the layout of models and the heaven of slow poisoning pollution. The planning of Sector-3 is most unscientific and worst with small roads in the south wing of the sector formed by the great  BDA Engineers which is deplorable..What has been given by them to the residents is sleepless nights in return instead of peaceful enjoyment of the property as promised.
On 07.05.2015, the Government has taken Cabinet decision to constitute the KG.Koliwad Committee to go into the details of cases of encroachments of lakes  & tank beds. It is a temporary relief given till the said Committee gives its report, leaving the sword of uncertainty over  our heads  which may fall on us again at any moment instead of  the Government of Karnataka moving the Hon’ble SC of India to rescue the residents of authorized and approved BDA Layouts atleast. Now is the time to strengthen our Associations joining together for the social cause with financial support through donations to ensure peaceful enjoyment of residents to enable us to face any eventuality to fight the legal battle and move the Hon’ble Court of Law, in case the axe falls on Sector-3 at any point of time in future.
General Secretary, HSR 3rd Sector Welfare Society (Regd) & Ex-Officio Secretary General of the Federation of HSR Layout RWAs.

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