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Achievement is the spark that you ignite !

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“To be able to set a record is not only challenging your own limits but it is also assessing your talent nationally and internationally, a challenge has always intrigued and persuaded me. It’s a combination of an adrenalin rush, my enthusiasm and the excitement of embarking on a new project. To be able to push the limits and strive for excellence is a lesson within itself.”
At 27 Rebecca Taylor is a Guinness World Record Holder, Three time Limca Record Holder and a National Awardee.
Rebecca broke the world record of the Largest tealight Candle on June 12, 2014 measuring 5 feet 5 inches in diameter exceeding the current world record of 3 feet 3 inches in diameter. In front of witnesses who handed in their reports to the world record management team. The record was complete and successful in 5 hrs. The result was announced in 2015.
The four witnesses were Jude Felix Sebastian Indian Hockey coach and Olympian, Allan Schofield Olympic gold medalist, Verghese K John a banker and Arnab Ghosh an architect. The record attempt was captured on video and photographs. The candle was made without a mould through a unique process of hand moulding each petal measured 1 ½ to 2 feet approximately, the technique used is sculpting semi hot wax into shapes.
The tealight rose shape candle is the first of its kind to be made in this technique and magnitude. It is dedicated to her mother Rosemarie Taylor, it has the capacity to burn for several hours because of the quantity of wax used in it. Scented with rose oil and coloured shades of pink to replicate the rose found in nature each petal is unique in size and shape to give it a realistic look.
Rebecca says this work of art is an amalgamation of her love for nature and passion for the arts, It is also symbolic of her work in this field. however it turned out to be a herculean task to work on a candle of this size working on various temperatures understanding the behavior of wax in different temperatures the advantages and disadvantages, after months of planning and the June rose was brought to life.
The immense capacity to learn new things quickly and put them to maximum utilization using high degree of creativity and proactive initiatives in implementing new ideas has been her passion.
“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse is the words our young artist draws inspiration from. She believes that one must have self belief and initiative it is the beginning of all possibilities.
Among these prestigious awards Rebecca was commissioned to do the cover page for the Central Government magazine for Income Tax and Central Excise and was commissioned to do a caricature book for the IPL she has presented her caricatures to famous International and National personalities, like Usain Bolt, Leander Peas, Leslie Claudius, Ashok kumar Dhyan Chand, Dhanraj Pillay, Anil Kumble, Brijesh Patil, Yuvraj Singh, and many others
Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty launched her first publication.
22 of her caricatures adorns the walls of the Karnataka state hockey stadium, and her caricature of Leander Paes is placed in the Karnataka State lawn Tennis Association as well as his residence.  Her caricature of Dhyan chand was presented to his son Ashok Kumar Dhyan Chand which has been placed in residence.  Her caricature of Usain Bolt is placed in his residence. She is an extremely talented  artist who has made her country proud.


List of Awards
*Guinness World record for the largest tealight candle -2014
*Jury Appreciation for international caricature competition
*Maya Kamath Memorial  national award for best budding cartoonist. -2009
*Limca Record for the first book of caricatures on field hockey -2013
*Limca Book of records for most cartoons painted on coconuts  for global warming -2014
*Limca Book of records for largest tealight candle  – 2014
*Awards:  Intercollegiate, Interschool
*Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology  1st prize for cartooning
*Rai Foundation 1st prize for painting and sculpture
*Expressions 1st prize for face painting
*Sparks 1st prize for face painting
*Sparks 1st prize for collage
*CMR  Institute of Technology  1st prize for face painting
*CMR  Institute of Technology  2nd prize for collage
*PES institute of Technology 1st prize for tattoo art
*PES institute of Technology 1st prize for creative juckyard
*PES institute of Technology 1st Place for mask making( Jokers Rue)
*Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain college 1st prize for pot painting
*Jain University consolation place  for pot painting
*Jain University 2nd prize for  painting
*Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath 1st prize for poster design
*Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath 2nd prize for face painting
*Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath 3rd  prize for collage
*Cascade 4th place for Poster Making (Painting in my left hand, right hand injured )
*Bishop Cotton Boys School 1st prize in painting
*Sophia High School 1st prize Initiative
*Sophia High School Excellence in Band – Flute
*Sophia High School Excellence in Art
*Respect for life India 1st prize collage
*Anchor Spot Embroidery Contest 2nd prize

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