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Continuous heavy traffic in residential streets upsets citizens

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The new one way system introduced with much fanfare on Sarjapur Road has led to a number of unforeseen and unpleasant side effects. One of the unintended consequences is a huge increase in traffic through the residential roads of Koramangala 3rd Block as well as 4th Block.
Agitated residents living on 7th cross road that links BDA Complex with Raheja Residency Apartments, and on the various roads that connect to 7th Cross in 3rd Block and 4th B Block Koramangala, have taken up the issue with Traffic police. A representation has been made to the ACP Traffic Adugodi,  Gopala Reddy listing the issues along with recommendations for action.
What appears to be happening is that through traffic coming from Sarjapur Road/ Outer Ring Road area and heading towards Sony World junction or Forum and beyond is taking the Sarjapur Servoce Road from Aishwarya Junction to the 8th Main road junction.
From that point vehicles take various routes through residential roads in 3rd block Koramangala to reach BDA Complex junction.
The traffic is taking these routes to avoid the congested Kamal Bakery junction (junction of 80 ft road and 7th cross road).
Earlier vehicles had the option of proceeding upto Water tank junction and then taking a right turn into 100 ft road. This option has been cut off with the advent of the one way on Sarjapur Road.
Residents Welfare Associations in the area have requested the following from Traffic police
* To reverse the one way on the portion of Sarjapur Service Road from St Francis School gate to 8th Main Road so that traffic is prevented from using residential roads as a short cut
* To prohibit parking on the 7th Cross Road from 16th Main road upto BDA complex.
* To extend the median on 7th Cross road upto 16th Main Road to prevent traffic turning right into the BDA complex.
* To prohibit parking on 8th Main Road 4th Block to ensure that the road is free from congestion and traffic flow is smooth.
* To facilitate a free left at Kamal Bakery Junction (7th Cross and 7th Main Road) for vehicles coming from Aishwarya junction and wanting to proceed towards BDA Complex.
If no action is forthcoming RWAs are planning to seek a meeting with Additional Commissioner Traffic Dr Saleem to seek his intervention

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