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Rare phenomenon in sky witnessed

venus1City Kemp News
On June 30 (Tuesday) night, the two brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter, in the night sky came together in a spectacular event called a conjunction, the likes of which won’t be seen again until the year 2023.
Venus and Jupiter, although hundreds of millions of miles apart, appeared to almost collide with one another as they inched incredibly close to each other in the sky on June 30. People from around the world got a chance to see the event.
So, in case you missed the event, or just want to see how the conjunction looked see the photograph (zoomed over 10 x ). Actually they were much closer as seen to naked eye by the time it was photographed they inched apart.
This phenomenon was visible to the naked eye in the Western sky. This converging in the sky is known as a conjunction. A conjunction between Jupiter and Venus is not unusual; the duo were last seen close together in the sky on August 18, 2014.

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