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Free Children’s Creativity Camp @ Cartman Eco Park

_MG_0242ckCartman Eco Park as every year from past 15 years, had a 10-day summer camp this year too which began on April 17. The events for the camp were Yoga, slokas, music, dance, dramatics and one traditional game a day which was the highlight of the camp. The children turned up in large numbers and a total of 104 children registered in the age group of 4 to 15 yrs. First day was registration only. The camp commenced the very next day with a small Pooja invoking Lord Ganapati and Goddess Saraswathi by reciting their mantras by Dr Radha Kulkarni in the presence of President of Cartman, Mrs Rajam Ramaswamy and daughter Rajini Chandrasekhar.
Under the guidance of Dr Radha Kulkarni the camp took off at the auspicious moment. The children enjoyed doing yoga with their teacher Mrs Dakshayini. Music was handled by Mrs Jayalakshmi, dance by Bindhu and Sindhu, art was handled by Dr Radha Kulkarni and Mr Nanda Kumar and Dramatics by Mrs.Shailaja and later Mrs Rajini too volunteered and helped the senior boys to perform a 10-min skit. At the end of each day a half an hour session for traditional games was set aside wherein the children played games like kuntabaley, lagori, anjaamkall, kabadi, skipping etc. Parents of few children were involved by volunteering throughout the camp. Infact they even brought home made snacks and themselves distributed during the refreshment break. Children were given fresh buttermilk, lemon juice, Paanagam, sundal, kosambarietc which they relished.
All the 11 steps of suryanamaskaram were taught to them. 3-4 songs were taught, a complete dance on the importance of the chitradurga fort was choreographed by Bindhu and perfected by Dr Radha Kulkarni.
Finally on the 10th day, the children were all prepared to enact what all they learnt during the rest of the days. The challenge was in figuring out the children’s interest and putting them into that particular event. Very small children enjoyed doing music. The senior girl’s batch were involved in dance and boys were all into drama.
The final day turned out to be one of color. Mr Satish Hemmady, magician was the chief guest of the day. The children’s performance started with yoga, followed by music by the junior group, then drama kids took over the stage and finally the dance by the senior girls. Then it was time for medal distribution wherein the chief guest and Mrs Rajini Chandrasekhar gave away the medals to all the children who participated in the camp. Finally the chief guest entertained the children by a grand performance of magic show and puppet show which they totally enjoyed. Final day the children were given refreshments as well as lunch.

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