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Women’s Day @ Samskruthi Ladies’ Association

FB_20170317_00_36_41_Saved_PictureOn the 16th of March, Samskruthi Ladies’ Association (SLA) had a special programme marking Women’s Day. Members came in Retro Style. All-time favourite Heroines of the last millennium met in the hall.
There was classical dance performance by well trained, passionate twins Smt. Suganya Raghav and Smt.Supriya Ashwin. Members were lost in the mesmerizing performance of the duo, who gave a powerful, extraordinary and entertaining programme for about 45 minutes on Ganesha, Narasimha, Rama, Nataraja and a beautiful Thillana on Kalinga nardana of Krishna. What more could be a better treat for the members?
March arrivals cut the cake. Retro models did their bit for the others to guess the Heroines in their avatar. On the whole 16/3 was a well attended, power packed and a fulfilling meeting. 6th of April, SLA has election for the new committee.

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