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Fresh coconut is not only innocent but beneficial

Dietary fats have been rather superficially divided into bad (saturated) and good (unsaturated) fatty acid containing foods. However it is increasingly becoming clear that this simplified definition of good and bad fatty acids is wrong, and that many saturated fatty acids could actually be good fats – with coconut fats being the key sources. The study proves the general perception of coconuts being bad for heart as wrong. Consumption of saturated fatty acid rich fresh coconut for 3 months had no significant deleterious effect on any cardiovascular parameters in normal adults. On the contrary, there were many beneficial effects not only for the heart but more.
There was an increase in the HDL levels (anti-atherogenic) and anti-inflammatory precursor DGLA (Dihomo gamma linolenic acid. Added to this was a decrease in body weight, decrease in blood sugar levels and increase in haemoglobin levels. This suggests that coconut consumption may not have any deleterious effects on cardiovascular risk in normal adults but can have multiple benefits.
The prestigious journal in the field of nutrition – Journal of American College of Nutrition has published our research article and responded saying “The intended objective of the authors to study the effects of daily consumption of fresh coconut on plasma lipids and erythrocyte fatty acid composition is very interesting and the emerging conclusion is equally important for the role of nutrition in lifestyle management. The vein of re-positioning the negative publicity that coconut saturated fats have endured is timely”.
Study was conducted at SVYASA Yoga University, Bengaluru: 100g of fresh coconut/day was given to 40 healthy participants for 3 months, residing at SVYASA campus. Pre & post analysis of 29 different vital parameters (Bio chemical, physical, anthropometry, immunological) were taken into consideration for the study.
*Gauri Rokkam aka Nagashree, Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach.

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