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City doctors brainstorm on better outcome for newborns

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On March 3 People Tree Meenakshi hospitals organized a Perinatology workshop which was attended by eminent gynaecologists and paediatricians. The purpose was to bring about a better outcome in the new-borns by a team effort of both obstetricians and paediatricians especially in high risk pregnancies
The main objectives of this historic program was to define the importance of the first thousand days of life and their lifelong health consequences; a focus on research, education and training, health systems and services, and health policies; and to highlight innovative and transdisciplinary projects that demonstrate the advantages of collaboration and integration in achieving TOTAL Health.
This programme also acted as a catalyst to innovative, transdisciplinary projects to emerge from it; to enhance health promotion, protection, and illness prevention; and to stimulate new initiatives that will enhance health care access, quality and sustainability of health for all.
The scientific discourse of this prog delved on latest research discoveries and their applications regarding the brain, genomics, microbiome, immune system; health promotion, protection, illness prevention in the perinatal period; vaccines and vaccinations and their lifelong relevance; breastfeeding, food safety for mothers and infants, the role of information, communication technology; collaborative, integrated care for achieving TOTAL Health.

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