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Santhome Musuem – Thomas Antonia Da Costa’s One Man’s Musuem at Goa !

Varca is an old Christian fishing community village of yesteryears. It’s a few kilometres from Madgoan – the South Goan commercial capital, describing from the reference of the coast line it’s 2 Kms from Benaulim or an additional 3 Kms from Colva. Today South Goa has become an affluent holiday destination for the well heeled tourists! There are numerous fancy resorts and hotels to cater to them. The flat white sandy beach attracts every visitor here and Varca is one of them! Varca also has an imposing white washed church of ‘Our Lady of Gloria’ – an old church of beauty and faith. Today Varca, has a mixed population of Christians and Hindus numbering to about 25,000 people.
In one such affluent household was Thomas Antonia Da Costa born. Like most sea faring men of the village, he was one of them – a technical man! Incidentally, the Da Costa family supplied water to the residents of the village of Varca as their house had the only well in the village and the villagers thronged their place each day! He was impressed by the Technical Revolution of the 1800 and Thomas Alva Edison. He wanted to do something about it. He believed that people should not be straightjacketed in their thinking or acquiring knowledge. He propogated an all round pursuit of knowledge and talent for human beings. On this nobel thought he started a Musuem on the main street of Varca, Goa! Incidentally his family possession’s Grand Piano built in 1890 became his first exhibit, the features of this beautiful piano are – it’s built to last in a tropical country like India. It’s keys are of ivory and is in perfect working condition. Visitors to the musuem are allowed to play on it, once you can prove your musical credentials!
Thomas Antonia Da Costa’s father was a horologist and serviced and repaired watches and clocks at Bombay. He is in reverance to him for the clock collection at the museum! Santhome Musuem is a three storeyed building on the main street of Varca, close to Our Lady of Gloria Church, one cannot miss this elegant modern construction building which also houses a bar and restaurant in it’s premises – la Goan Style! The musuem consists of a courtyard display and extends up to two floors. The exhibits are segmented and categorised, they are neatly and aesthetically pleasingly displayed. A Musuem personnel knowledgeable of the display accompanies visitors and explains each exhibit! It takes about 2 hours to go through the stroyline of the musuem. Photography is allowed, but no touching the exhibits! There’s a entrance fee of Rs.200/- per person to view the exhibition.
The beauty of Santhome Musuem exhibits are they are chronological developed products displayed in accordance of technology revolution with vintage value! Some are one off – artefacts of value and beauty! The display can be attributed to following segmentation – cameras, projectors, kitchen equipment, weighing scales,
sewing machines, iron boxes, professional working tools, precision tools, medival instruments, tiles, fans, lights & lamps, smoking pipes, stoves, there are large collections of wooden furniture, crockery, mugs, glasses, plates, christaian art. There are many a displays which have stories or tales attached to it! Another prized possession is a huge ships anchor in the open courtyard – it’s an anchor made by the company which made the anchor for the Titanic!
When in Goa, do visit Santhome Musuem imbibing knowledge for oneself. Its a wonderful experience to young children and a major concession is given to them. Thomas Antonia Da Costa in very encouraging towards this mission! He’s a widely travelled man and collects articles for display here. He’s got two assistants who play curator and guide, these assistant are passionate and dedicated…
When in Goa, do visit this place to understand the culture and past history of Goa. Following is the postal address and contact details…
Santhome Musuem
Chadwado, Varca, Goa – 403721
Phone: +91 0832 2771000
Cellphone: +91 9822363917

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